Over the last 11 years I've been crafting data, web, and mobile products.

2020 - Current


Director, Product Design

Product Design Lead

Developer experience, API management console, and orchestration interfaces for our leading open-source API solution.

2019 - 2020

Forma AI

Director, Product

Led the product and design of a tool for end-to-end management of design, execution, and optimization for compensation plans.

2015 - 2018


Director, Design & UX

Senior UX Designer

Managed interfaces for our retail product recommender, customer lifecycle, and supply chain forecasting tools.

2013 - 2014


Product & User Experience

Completed more than 10 design and product engagements in the data centered SaaS and ecommerce spaces.

2010 - 2013

RS Mobile Technologies

UX Lead

User Experience Designer

Interfaces for a social mobile gaming platform, and client engagements.